Welcome to prevision-python’s documentation!

Prevision.io is an automated SaaS machine learning platform that enables you to create and deploy powerful predictive models and business applications in one-click.

This documentation focuses on how to use Prevision.io’s Python SDK for a direct usage in your data science scripts.

To take a quick peek at the available features, look at the Getting started guide.

For more in-depth explanations, dive into the extended documentation with Tutorials & Samples.

If you’d rather examine the Python API directly, here is the direct API Reference.

The compatibility version between Prevision.io’s Python SDK and Prevision Platform works as follows:

Compatibility matrix
  Prevision 10.10 Prevision 10.11 Prevision 10.12 Prevision 10.13 Prevision 10.14 Prevision 10.15 Prevision 10.16 Prevision 10.17
Prevision Python SDK 10.10
Prevision Python SDK 10.11
Prevision Python SDK 10.12
Prevision Python SDK 10.13
Prevision Python SDK 10.14
Prevision Python SDK 10.15
Prevision Python SDK 10.16
Prevision Python SDK 10.17