Base API Resource

All resource objects you will be using in’s Python SDK inherit from this base parent class.

In the SDK, a resource is an object that can be fetched from the platform, used in your code, updated, deleted… previsionio.usecase.BaseUsecase, previsionio.dataset.Dataset and previsionio.model.Model are all resources.

class previsionio.api_resource.ApiResource(**params)

Base parent class for all SDK resource objects.


Delete a resource from the actual [client] workspace.

Raises:PrevisionException – Any error while deleting data from the platform
update_status(specific_url: str = None) → Dict

Get an update on the status of a resource.

Parameters:specific_url (str, optional) – Specific (already parametrized) url to fetch the resource from (otherwise the url is built from the resource type and unique _id)
Returns:Updated status info
Return type:dict
class previsionio.api_resource.ApiResourceType

All the different resource types and matching API endpoints.